Unsure What Size Flat Screen to Go For?

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The majority of TVs bought today are flat-screen models, and they have much to offer the viewer in terms of both style and performance. Allowing for a flexible location, wall hanging flat panels are a particularly popular method of display. Eliminating the need for a size-related surface to stand the TV on, flat-screen TVs offer the option to go as big as you dare, while still maintaining the all-important comfortable viewing distance.

Available with a variety of display technologies, the two most common TVs are LCD and Plasma. Both offer superior visuals, with high contrast, superb color saturation, and an assortment of native image resolutions. However, the general opinion is that LCD models provide a more realistic balance, with a crisper quality to the picture.

Flat screens, especially when wall-mounted, can accommodate viewers watching at wide angles to the screen without a loss of picture quality, and being hung at eye level reduces muscle and eye strain.

What Size Flat Screen TV Should I Get?

Size is an important consideration when choosing a flat-screen TV, and this is measured corner to diagonal corner, expressed in inches. Each size has an optimal distance to view the screen from, and although this varies slightly on wall-mounted screens, the recommended distances generally apply wherever your TV is situated.

This distance allows for the maximum image quality, but it’s also dependent on the resolution of the screen. With a 4K UHD, for example, you can sit up close and personal, without any loss of quality, due to the ultra-small pixels eliminating the risk of pixelation, and with 8K TVs, you have to practically climb into it before spotting an individual pixel – and even then you’d need a microscope!

If your seating arrangement and room size allow for a viewing distance of approximately 6ft, then a 50-inch screen is a good choice, for between 7 and 8ft, look at 60-inch screens, or if you have more room available – go all out with a 70 incher. Flat-screen TVs are available in smaller sizes, too, making them perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, or kid’s rooms. A good choice for a second TV is 32 inches. This is perfect for relaxing in bed, catching your favorite cookery show in the kitchen, or keeping the kids entertained.

How do I measure a TV size?

TVs are described by screen size, which is measured from corner to corner and expressed in inches.

What size TV do I need?

When deciding what size TV to get, work out the size of your room and your budget. These can determine the best size of TV to choose. You don't want the TV to overpower the room, or make viewing impossible from the sofa, so give this matter some thought.

What size do TVs come in?

TVs are available in a wide range of sizes, from 19 inches all the way up to 80 and beyond. Whatever your desire, there's a TV size for you.

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