The technology that is available to us is improving every day. As a result, prices for “outdated” technology are coming down with each year. This means that it is now possible to get a high-quality 32inch smart TV for under $150, something which was inconceivable a few years ago.

However, not all TVs are created equal. While prices can vary massively, so can the quality, and it is hard to know what to look for. While compiling our top three 32-inch smart TVs that cost less than $150, we have taken many factors into consideration. Whatever your budget, we know that you want the best products, so as with any TV, picture quality and durability are top of the list. We’ve also checked for any other great features that are included.

Check out the best 32-inch TVs in 2022!

1) Insignia 32″ Smart HD TV – Fire TV Edition

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as of December 3, 2022 2:52 pm

This Insignia 32 Smart HD TV delivers a high-quality 720p picture with vibrant colors. It has built-in Fire TV that lets you see thousands of channels, and also apps such as Disney+, YouTube, Prime, Netflix, Hulu and more. The Alexa Voice Remote lets you search for videos, movies, and control other smart home devices.

This TV has three HDMI input options as well as one with USB, ARC, cable/antenna input, Ethernet, audio output, and digital output. It is lightweight, weighing only 11.2lbs and its dimensions are 8.15 x 28.86 x 19.02 inches. It has a refresh rate of 60 hertz and a LED display type.

2) TCL 32″ TV

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as of December 3, 2022 2:52 pm

This TV has a brilliant 720p picture, and a direct-lit LED. The excellent Roku TV smart functionality provides you with hundreds of thousands of tv episodes and movies. Roku TV functionality is absolutely fantastic. However, this TV can also be used as a PC screen. It has three 2.0 HDMI inputs, 1 USB input, a headphone jack, and optical audio out. It’s compatible with both the Google and Alexa assistant.

With an incredible weight of only 8.6 pounds, it is super easy to move it around. This TV is a 2022 model and has a refresh rate of 60Hz. It produces a crisp picture, and being highly durable will last you for a very long time.

3) Sceptre 32″ TV

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as of December 3, 2022 2:52 pm

This Sceptre TV is also quite lightweight, it weighs only 8 pounds. It has a LED display type and a 720p resolution. It also has 2 HDMI outputs, meaning you can connect to other devices quite quickly, and a USB port. The refresh rate is 60Hz, while the dimensions are 28.78 x 7.95 x 18.39 inches. The contrast is pretty high (5,000; 1).

This model is from 2017, and in general, it works flawlessly. Installation takes only a couple of minutes, the sound and picture are astonishing. The option for Surround Sound is an excellent addition to this TV. It may not be a very known brand, but this TV has everything that you want, a great price, a high-quality picture, great sound, and it is very sturdy, meaning that it will last for quite some time.

32 Inch TV FAQs

How big is a 32 inch TV?

A 32 inch TV is generally 28 inches wide x 16 inches high.

How many amps does a 32 inch LED TV use?

A 32 inch LED TV uses 2.5 Amps (30 watts).

How much does a 32 inch TV weigh?

A TV of 32 inches weighs approximately 25 lbs (11 KG).

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