Taking care of your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t end with cleaning the screen and dusting the stand! Like mobile phones and PCs, smart TVs also need constant software/firmware updates to maintain the smooth operation of its system and applications. An outdated smart TV, no matter how well-kept its exterior is, will not function properly if the system is not equipped with the latest features. Here’s how you can do these updates on your Samsung Smart TV.

Automatic update

An automatic update saves you time from doing it yourself. The update is immediately installed the moment it becomes available as well, so you won’t have to check for updates regularly on your own. To set your smart TV to update automatically, go to Settings and choose Support. Select Software Update, then choose Auto Update. This usually takes for a few minutes but may take longer than usual if there are a lot of new features and system repairs being installed.

Every time a new update is available, your TV will download it in the background and install automatically when you turn the TV on. It is recommended to turn the automatic update on for most WiFi-enabled smart TVs, since the TV is capable of updating its system on its own without having to do it manually.

Manual update

Setting your smart TV to Auto Update is indeed a convenient option, but it can be quite bothersome especially if you don’t want to miss something on TV. If you prefer updating your smart TV at your own time, a manual update may be more suited for you.

The steps in order to do this are the same if you choose to update your TV automatically, but instead of choosing Auto Update, you choose Update Now. If there is an available update, you should be able to select this option and initiate the download and installation process similar to Auto Update. If there are no new updates available, choose OK and continue using the TV as usual.

Manual Update via USB

Now, what if your smart TV isn’t connected to WiFi? Even if your TV can’t connect to the internet, it still uses a system that needs constant updating. It’s also important to note that even WiFi-enabled TVs can be manually updated via USB, so keep this in mind if you want to install updates locally without connecting to the internet.

To do this, you can check Samsung Online Support Site and look for your TV’s model number in the Search Support Box. If your TV model is on the list, the link should lead you to a support page specifically for your TV.

Then, go to the Information Page. Choose Downloads and look for Manuals and Downloads to get the updates. Save it to a USB Flash Drive and run the downloaded file. When it asks you where to place the unzipped files, make sure that your USB Flash Drive will have enough capacity to store the files.

Once all the files are unzipped, plug the USB Flash Drive into the smart TV. Select Home, and then choose Settings. Look for Support, and choose Software. Select Update, which will present you with the USB option. The update process will proceed similarly to the previous methods. Once it’s complete, the TV will automatically turn off and on, and a notification saying that the software update has been installed properly and you can now use your TV will appear

To confirm that your smart TV has updated to the latest software, you can go to Settings, then select Software Update. When you choose Update Now, it should state that you currently have the latest update available.