If you’re in the market for an affordable TV that offers plenty of high spec features, this Samsung 4K should be at the top of your list. Whilst it’s not exactly going to sweep the most serious cinephiles off their feet, it’s a solid, dependable TV that delivers bucket loads of decent quality performance points. If you’re interested in other 50 inch TV brands as well, make sure to click here, but otherwise keep reading and discover the best Samsung 50 inch TV in 2021 and 2023!

Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV

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The design is contemporary and sleek, with attractive minimalist style feet enabling the large screen to remain firmly rooted. However, it can be wall-mounted if you prefer. The fashionable ultra-slim bezels, and Samsung’s Clean Cable Solution, allow the focus to be placed firmly on the screen. The build quality is, as you’d expect, very high. Connectivity-wise, the ports include three HDMI and two USB ports, an optical audio output, and an Ethernet port.

Samsung’s 7 Series all perform solidly, and this model is no different, with the critical areas of color, contrast, and motion all of impressive quality. PurColor offers a depth of vibrancy, accessing millions of colors to produce a lifelike image. The blacks are deep and dark, drawing you into the shadowy corners, while the lights are crisp, clear and refreshingly bright. Textures, too, feel touchable in their detailing, thanks to optimization from the powerful 4K processor.

Sports and fast, furious action movies benefit from Samsung’s motion smoothing technology, a nice feature that many TVs in this price band neglect to include, and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Interactive Smart Platform

Samsung’s full-featured smart platform is nicely interactive and easy to personalize via the curved wand remote. All the big streaming apps are here – Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and Google Play; music is well represented too, with Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Voice assistant Bixby enables control of other smart devices, media searches, and so on, but Alexa can also access the smart platform.

The audio provides a full-bodied experience, albeit minus a soundbar, but unless you are used to the deep rumblings produced by a bar, you certainly won’t miss it here. With distortionless top notes, dropping to low, thrumming tones, this really completes the whole televisual adventure.

The Samsung RU710 is a great choice if you’re looking for a new TV, and okay, so it doesn’t include all the bells and whistles that the top of the range TVs come with, but you wouldn’t expect it to. What you do get, though, is a great performance for a mid-range budget – simple!

50 Inch TV FAQs

How high should a 50 inch TV be mounted?

The bottom edge of a 50 inch TV should be approximately 30 inches from the floor.

How wide is a 50 inch TV?

A 50 inch TV measures around 44 inches from side to side.

How heavy is a 50 inch TV?

A 50 inch TV weighs about 35 lbs or 15 kgs.

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