LG has been around for more than six decades now, and their success seems to reach new heights every year. The South Korean giant started producing TVs from the getgo, and in the beginning, they were only supplying the local market demands, but they had a rapid growth as a company, and it didn’t take long until they became a worldwide brand.

Their TVs are known for their top-notch technology and stylish design. They are always among the first manufacturers to introduce new features on their products, combining state-of-the-art features with affordability. They produce every type of TV, so you will find even unconventional sizes like 43 inch LG TVs, as well as more conventional ones, such as 65 inch or 75 inch LG TVs.

Check out the top 3 bestselling, top-rated LG TVs of this year!

1) LG UK6300 – 49” 4K TV

LG Electronics 49UK6300PUE 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)
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as of January 17, 2022 4:27 am

The 4K HDR support includes both HLG and HDR 10, which, in combination with the tone-mapping tech, provides excellent scene-by-scene optimization. The display produces vibrant colors, touchable textures and dramatic, realistic contrasts due to the IPS technology that this LG TV uses.

There are three HDMI inputs, 2 USB, 1 Ethernet, etc. TV’s AI (ThinQ) can help you control all the smart devices around your home. By using the LG Magic Remote, an abundance of opportunities open up for you. The Quad-Core processor sharpens the colors with great efficiency, to make this one of the best TVs around.

2) LG 65SM8600PUA – 65″ TV

LG 65SM8600PUA Alexa Built-in Nano 8 Series 65" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED NanoCell TV (2019)
$1,999.00  in stock
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as of January 17, 2022 4:27 am

Just like the previous model, this one has the ThinQ AI helping you control your smart devices at home.

The α7 Intelligent Processor enhances the content, and the image depth, sharpness and clarity are breathtaking. Thanks to the Nano Cell Display, the color spectrum is further expanded to deliver more authentic colors. The Dolby Atmos technology creates an immersive sound that gives you the feeling that the sound is coming from everywhere.

This should definitely be on your list of new LG TVs to consider.

3) LG B8 OLED – 55” 4K TV

LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model)
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as of January 17, 2022 4:27 am

This ultra-thin LG model looks more like a screen from a James Bond movie, designed to be very aesthetically pleasing, and in combination with the ThinQ AI, it will rapidly become the hub of your smart home. With the help of Google Assistant, you can control devices, check the weather, and more.

Just like the SK9000, it has the α7 Intelligent Processor that makes everything realistic. The LG B8 Oled uses panels that deliver intense color and perfect black. The Dolby Atmos technology makes every sound seem more realistic.

This TV’s design and features make it one of the best.

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Where are LG TVs made?

LG has TV plants in numerous places including Korea, Russia, China, India and Poland.

What is an a7 intelligent processor?

The a7 is a second gen processor which increases clarity, sharpness, and detail optimizations.

What is nano cell display?

This cutting-edge technology optimizes the audience adventure with advanced image quality through the use of microscopic color boosting particles.

What is dolby atmos technology?

Giving a surround sound audio experience, it expands the existing sound channels to develop a fully rounded sound.

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