Not everyone is after the largest TV they can fit in their home. Some of us favor a more simple yet cozy setup when it comes to watching our favorite TV shows and movies. Others may even find a very large screen a bit overwhelming for their viewing experience. And there are some who are simply looking for that second or third unit to fit a small room, in addition to their main TV over 70 inches in their spacious living room.

Whatever the reason may be, a 32” unit may be the best option for you. Of course, quality choices need to be made regardless of TV size. You wouldn’t want just any brand, even for an entry-level TV, so this is where Samsung comes in.

Samsung is a giant when it comes to TVs. The Korean manufacturer has been an industry leader for 10 years in providing consumers with the best technologies to elevate their viewing experience. They offer a wide range of models and sizes that can cater to your viewing needs. From flagship and high-end models, to the smaller and budget-friendly units, all designed to fit your budget and taste.

We’ve written about our top 3 picks for Samsung’s 32” line of TVs. Read on to know your best options out there.

1) Samsung 32″ N5300 Smart Full HD TV

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The Samsung N5300 offers a full high-definition 1080p resolution that is twice the clarity of your ordinary HD TV. You can enjoy high quality images and scenes with natural crisp colors and enhanced contrast for that true-to-life viewing experience.

It’s also a smart TV built with a quad-core processor that allows for smooth internet browsing and content streaming. With the Samsung Remote Control, you can easily access all your streaming services for that on-demand entertainment experience.

This model comes with 2 HDMI, 1 USB, and 1 ethernet port, plus a built-in Wi-Fi. It has a lightweight design that can easily be mounted on a wall if you need the extra space.

With all its features at an affordable price, the Samsung N5300 is a smart choice for a smart TV.

2) Samsung 32″ M4500 HD TV

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The Samsung M4500 is a smart TV with a 720p high-definition resolution that trumps over analog TVs. You can enjoy HD picture quality in accurate detail with its Purcolor feature that delivers natural color experience. It also comes with a quad-core processor to support your browsing and streaming needs effortlessly.

Along with a minimal slim design, this unit also comes with 2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 ethernet port, and built in Wi-Fi.

If you are looking to upgrade from your standard definition TV, then the Samsung M4500 is an affordable way to experience HD entertainment.

3) Samsung 32″ Q60A LED TV

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The Samsung Q60A offers a 4K UHD picture quality so you can experience your favorite shows and games in vibrant and enriched colors. Its Motion Rate 60 feature allows you to enjoy clear moving picture resolution with its processing speed and backlight technology.

If you are in the market for a straightforward upgrade to 4K, then this is definitely worth considering. This may not be as fancy as other TVs out in the market today, but it is the best TV on the list. The Samsung Q60A can definitely hold its own when it comes to the UHD picture quality.

How do you reset a Samsung TV?

Switch on your TV, and select Home on your remote. Select Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset.

How do you get Disney+ on a Samsung TV?

Select Apps on your remote control, search for 'Disney+' and choose to install the app.

How high should I mount a 32 inch TV?

The distance from the floor to the center of your TV screen should be approximately 50 inches for a 32 inch TV.

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