Not everyone is after the largest TV they can fit in their home. Some of us favor a more simple yet cozy setup when it comes to watching our favorite TV shows and movies. Others may even find a very large screen a bit overwhelming for their viewing experience. And there are some who are simply looking for that second or third unit to fit a small room, in addition to their main TV over 70 inches in their spacious living room.

Whatever the reason may be, a 32” unit may be the best option for you. Of course, quality choices need to be made regardless of TV size. You wouldn’t want just any brand, even for an entry-level TV, so this is where Samsung comes in.

Samsung is a giant when it comes to TVs. The Korean manufacturer has been an industry leader for 10 years in providing consumers with the best technologies to elevate their viewing experience. They offer a wide range of models and sizes that can cater to your viewing needs. From flagship and high-end models, to the smaller and budget-friendly units, all designed to fit your budget and taste.

We’ve written about our top 3 picks for Samsung’s 32” line of TVs. Read on to know your best options out there.

Samsung 32″ N5300 Smart Full HD TV

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1. Why This TV Makes Our Top 3 List?

What’s the mantra for TVs these days? Smart, sleek, and spectacular. The SAMSUNG 32-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV checks all these boxes and more. Let’s start with the tech. With a Quad-Core Processor, you’re promised a fluid browsing experience—so yes, you can toggle from Netflix to Prime Video to YouTube as if you’re an Olympic gymnast on the parallel bars. And let’s talk picture. Full HD 1080p Resolution and Micro Dimming Pro ensure that you’re not just watching your favorite shows; you’re practically in them. Your living room just turned into the Starship Enterprise, all thanks to the High-Dynamic Range. Plus, with Alexa Built-In, you can be the couch potato you’ve always aspired to be. Why move a muscle when you can ask Alexa to do everything?

2. Is There Anything to Improve?

No product is perfect. Much like how I love my grandma but wish she’d stop sending me Farmville requests on Facebook, there are small quibbles to consider. The sound output is just 10W. Some users reported needing to turn the volume up considerably for “normal” viewing. A separate soundbar might be in order if you’re looking to host an “Avengers Endgame: The Final Showdown” viewing party. And while we’re on the topic, the back panel isn’t exactly flat, limiting your wall-mount options. But hey, at least it gives you an excuse to redecorate!

3. What’s Our Final Score?

Hold onto your remote controls, folks, because here comes the big reveal. Considering its features, price point, and a few minor quibbles, we’re awarding the SAMSUNG 32-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV an 8.9 out of 10. Yes, you heard that right—an 8.9! For a mere $227.99 (or $177.99 if you score that Amazon Visa deal), this TV offers value, quality, and versatility. Whether you’re a stream-happy millennial or a grandma still trying to figure out how to turn it on, this TV is a solid pick. So go ahead, click that “buy now” button. Your future, more entertained self will thank you.

Samsung 32″ M4500 HD TV

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1. Why This TV Makes Our Top 3 List?

What’s not to love? The SAMSUNG 32-inch Smart FHD TV 720P delivers a delightful combo of innovation and efficiency at a wallet-friendly price. Ah yes, you heard it right! You get smart TV features, HD 720p resolution, and a Quad-Core Processor for a buttery smooth user experience. But wait, there’s more! It’s also got Screen Mirroring, turning your TV into a larger-than-life Instagram feed or YouTube extravaganza. Best for smaller spaces like bedrooms and offices, this Samsung munchkin marries performance and affordability like Kim Kardashian to, well, anyone.

2. Is There Anything To Improve?

Well, no one’s perfect. We’re talking 720p here, not 1080p or 4K. So if you’re a resolution snob, you might want to look elsewhere. Also, the sound system works, but it won’t win a Grammy anytime soon. It’s a TV with internal speakers, not a mini Dolby Theater. And remember, it’s a smart TV but setting it up requires the patience of a monk meditating on a mountaintop.

3. What’s Our Final Score?

Hold your breath. Drumroll, please! The SAMSUNG 32-inch Smart FHD TV 720P scores an 9.0 out of 10 on our fabulousness meter. Yes, there are areas for improvement, but let’s face it, at this price point, you’re getting a heck of a deal! You’ve got a lot of the smart features you’d find in its higher-priced, snooty relatives, but without emptying your bank account.

So, go ahead, click that “Buy Now” button and make your life 32 inches more exciting!

Samsung 32″ Q60A LED TV

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1. Why This TV Makes Our Top 3 List?

Let’s cut to the chase: this SAMSUNG 32-Inch Class QLED Q60A is the little black dress of TVs—elegant, versatile, and always in vogue. Its Quantum Dot technology takes you on a scintillating visual escapade with a billion shades of color. Yes, you read that right, a billion with a ‘B’, like Bezos. Your eyes will thank you as you bask in 100% color volume, allowing you to experience the world of “WandaVision” or “Stranger Things” in surreal quality. Don’t even get us started on its Quantum HDR; it’s like upgrading from a pumpkin latte to a full pumpkin spice extravaganza!

Don’t feel like moving your fingers? Just shout, “Hey Alexa, play ‘The Office'” and voilà! The multiple voice assistants allow you to turn your living room into a personalized cinema, a gaming den, or even a weather station (if you’re into that sort of thing). This TV is like the Swiss Army knife of Smart TVs.

2. Is There Anything to Improve?

Honestly, the 60 Hz refresh rate might not make the cut for esports fanatics who count milliseconds like regular people count sheep. But let’s be real, for the average Netflix marathoner, 60 Hz is like adding a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae—it’s delightful. Also, a few more size options wouldn’t hurt. We’re not all living in palatial estates where a 75-inch TV is just “casual Tuesday.”

3. What’s Our Final Score?

If you’re seeking an affordable, top-of-the-line, smart, and beautiful (yes, we said beautiful) TV, this is it. It’s like the Ryan Gosling of TVs: charming, versatile, and easy on the eyes. With its stunning display and a plethora of voice assistants, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t swipe right on this TV sooner.

Final Score: 9.2 out of 10

Is this TV perfect? No, but neither is pizza with pineapple, and people still love it. The SAMSUNG 32-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series is a premium experience without the premium price. So go ahead, add to cart, and let this TV be the reason your friends get TV envy.

How do you reset a Samsung TV?

Switch on your TV, and select Home on your remote. Select Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset.

How do you get Disney+ on a Samsung TV?

Select Apps on your remote control, search for 'Disney+' and choose to install the app.

How high should I mount a 32 inch TV?

The distance from the floor to the center of your TV screen should be approximately 50 inches for a 32 inch TV.

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