Curved screens have spent the last couple of years tucked away in the darkest corners of concept technology, embarrassed to come out into the light. The problems with image distortion that come with curved screens obviously put most manufacturers off, until earlier this year when TV giants Samsung announced, with big fanfares, that their new range would include several curved-screen models.

Why choose a curved screen TV 

The biggest argument for choosing curved over flat is immersivity. By curving the image, the picture wraps around, utilizing your peripheral vision, and drawing you into the whole experience. In order to drag your eyes away, it isn’t a simple matter of glancing away, you need to actually turn your head.

Curving the screen around your head alters the sense of depth, allowing a 2D image to become enhanced, giving the impression of 3D. Samsung increases this perception with the addition of depth enhancement processing, which adjusts the contrasts across the screen, boosting the sense of field depth. The light from a curved screen is focused more directly at your eyes, delivering up to 1.8x higher contrast than a flat-screen.

Most movie theatres have curved screens for the simple reason that the curve enables images to retain an even crispness and clarity right into the corners. This makes it much more comfortable for audiences to watch.

At TV Mates, we love curved screens for all these reasons, but also – esthetically, they just look so cool. A curve will always provide more design interest than a flat panel, and most people agree.

We’ve reviewed the best-curved screen model in the Samsung range!

Samsung Curved 55” 4K UHD/HDR Smart TV (2019) 

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This is the newest curved screen model from the world’s number one TV manufacturer, Samsung, and is part of their 7 series.

Design-wise, the elegantly curved screen has a strange sense of calmness about it, a self-assured allure that invites you to adore its clean, gently curvaceous form. With almost nonexistent bezels, and neat, slender feet, it sits very securely on a surface. Although wall mounting is an option, we feel it spoils the whole immersive experience, by lending the screen an uncomfortable, untidy look, especially since Samsung’s innovative Clean Cable Solution is designed with tidiness in mind.

Smart Features

The smart features are as good as you’d expect from Samsung, and include One Remote, compatibility with the all-knowledgeable Alexa and Google Assistant, and a fully expansive on-screen universal guide. Netflix, Prime, Hulu and more are pre-installed, but with a vast library of downloadable apps at your fingertips, the customization possibilities are superb. Voice control means you only have to ask, and it’s there, ready to run. You also have the option to turn your TV into a smart home hub, utilizing the connectivity offered by 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

Image Quality

The picture quality is impressive thanks to the powerful 4K UHD processor, and with the ability to upscale any content to 4K, the display has a near unrivalled clarity of depth. Couple that with the level of realism introduced by HDR, Samsung’s PurColor, and a smooth rolling motion rate of 120Hz, and it all adds up to a gorgeously dynamic display. The blacks are deep and full-bodied, while the whites are crisp and clear, avoiding that annoying halo effect. Textures are touchably detailed, and the full range of colors brings a level of engagement that is seldom seen in this price bracket.

Being curved, the display already offers a rich immersive experience, however Samsung have taken this one stage further with the addition of their Auto Depth Enhancer. This pulls you right into the action, allowing you to enjoy the fully emotive engagement, whatever you’re watching.

Like with everything high tech, though, there are a couple of flaws, both easily overcome. Firstly, the power cable is quite short, so this may take a little adjusting. It also seems strange that the Bluetooth capabilities lack the support for human interface devices, such as keyboards. However, it does provide an excellent performance with audio profiles, including headphones and soundbars.

If you’re looking for a new TV and fancy something that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but creates an enjoyable, fully immersive viewer experience, this Samsung curved screen TV should be top of your list.

Curved 4K TV FAQs

Why is a curved TV better?

A curved TV allows for an unparalleled immersive viewing experience, and most include a comfortably wide viewing angle.

Can you hang a curved TV?

With a curved TV, only the screen is curved, which allows the TV to be wall mounted easily, neatly and securely.

What is a 4k television?

A 4K TV has over 8 million pixels, adding up to a highly detailed and vibrantly colored display.

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