The Future is Here – Get Your Hands on the Best Ultra HD 4k TVs For Under $1000!

The future is here, the 4K TVs have made sure of that. Watching a movie or TV show at home is not the same anymore, because of the unique experience that you will have if you own a 4K TV. The transformation of how you see and hear when you’re watching TV has now been completely updated with the rest of the technology being blown out of the water because of the intricacy of 4K TV technology.

In case you didn’t know, the meaning 4K stems from 4 times the resolution that you will get from a regular 1080p HD TV. The picture is much sharper, better, and more vivid. Going from HD TVs to 4K TVs will feel like a revelation. The details are exquisite, and the colors seem much more vibrant. Watching YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime will feel like you’re watching a movie at the cinema.

Below, you will find the best three 4K TVs that have a price tag of under $1000.

TCL Roku 4K

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Last update was on: September 19, 2019 2:51 am

This TV will give you the ultimate watching experience, and you will not want to leave your couch. Starting from the brilliant design, this TV looks like it has arrived from the future. It has tremendous picture quality, and it incorporates Dolby Vision HDR impeccably. The LED on this bad boy is on the next level since it adopts the picture, it will dim when the picture gets darker and illuminate when it brightens.

Roku TV is a great feature that will offer you hundreds of thousands of TV show episodes and movies. It also comes with voice technology as well as a headphone jack. You can do everything without even touching the remote. The TLC Roku 4K will give you everything that you want in a great TV without having to spend a fortune.

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Insignia 55” 4K TV

$379.99 $430.00 out of stock
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Last update was on: September 19, 2019 2:51 am

The Ultra HD picture of Insignia 4K TV is stunning to say the least, with a display of around 8 million pixels, it has amazing clarity and the colors are vivacious. With the voice remote that comes with Alexa, you can pretty much do anything, watch movies, videos, launch apps, control other smart devices, etc.

With Fire TV added to this model, you will be able to watch thousands and thousands of channels freely, while also making sure not to miss anything that is on Hulu, Netflix, Prime, HBO, STARZ, and Showtime. The picture and the sound that the Insignia 4K TV offers can be compared with much more expensive TVs.

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LG 4K 49-Inch TV

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Last update was on: September 19, 2019 2:51 am

If you didn’t check the price first, you would think that this is one of the most expensive TVs out there. The overall design gives you the feeling that it was produced with great details in mind. The picture that it delivers is astounding, to say the least, and the colors are as vibrant as those of the most expensive TVs. The Google Assistant is built-in, and that will give you the chance to control other smart devices around your house.

The Dolby Atmos audio technology will give you the feeling that you’re watching TV at the cinema, there is a reason for that because it’s the same technology that has been developed for the high-end cinemas. Thanks to Nano Cell Display, you can experience an expanded spectrum of colors. You also don’t have to worry about unwanted light since it absorbs light almost entirely.

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