TV screens, especially 50-inch TVs and onwards, can be quite heavy when it comes to wall mounting, and the most secure method is to drill into the wall studs, or battens, which the screws can grip into. But if your wall lacks studs, or they are too far apart, don’t despair – you can still create an immersive theater-like movie experience in your living room.

In order to wall mount your screen, you’ll need a high-quality TV wall mount specifically designed for the size of your screen. You’ll also need to know the weight of the TV to be hung, and purchase a carton of ¼ inch toggle bolts appropriate to that weight, as most mounting kits won’t include toggle bolts.

How to mount a TV on a studless wall

  1. Work out where you want the TV to be placed. Generally the center of the screen should be at eye level for the audience, approximately 36–45 inches from floor level
  2. Taking the mount and a pencil, hold it up in line with the height you want the TV to end up. Marking through the mounting holes, pick three that are evenly spaced.
  3. Mark the 2 end holes at the bottom of the mount.
  4. Using a spirit level, check all your marks are level
  5. Making sure your drill is level, drill ¼ inch holes where your marks are
  6. Squeezing the toggle bolt wings, pass the bolt through the hole, and check, by tugging that the wings have fully opened inside the wall
  7. Push the toggle’s anchors into the holes. This allows you to break off the ends, leaving a small disk that sits flush with your wall
  8. Holding the mount against the wall, screw it into the toggle bolt with a screwdriver.
  9. Double check for tightness before carefully attaching the screen to the mount.

This useful video shows how easy it really is to hang a TV on a wall without studs: