Looking to take command of your digital domain without turning your living room into a jigsaw puzzle of remote controls? Ah, modern technology, where a single device promises to be the lord of all it surveys. Universal remotes, they’re the knights in shining armor, gallantly offering control over a myriad of devices, regardless of brand. But hold onto your seats and let’s not be too universal with our praise here!

Here’s the twist in our tale: While these all-encompassing remotes bravely venture to control everything, they sometimes end up being the jack of all trades and master of none. Yes, you can command every TV in the kingdom, but for that precision touch and a performance worthy of an encore, experts nod knowingly and say, “match the brand.”

And when it comes to Samsung TVs? Well, let’s just say pairing it with a Samsung remote is like putting peanut butter with jelly, Batman with Robin, or a five-star chef with his favourite knife. It’s a combination that doesn’t just work; it dances in delightful harmony. Gone are the days of a million and one mismatched clickers. Embrace the symphony of synchronization. After all, for your beloved Samsung TV, anything less than its own branded remote would be like watching a black-and-white movie in the era of 4K. Get ready to control your viewing experience like a maestro, because with a Samsung remote, you’re not just changing channels; you’re orchestrating entertainment!

Here are the top reviewed Samsung TV remotes in 2023.

Samsung TV Remote Control BN59-01199F

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as of May 21, 2024 8:03 pm

1. Why this TV Remote Control makes our Top 3 list?

Step aside, typical remotes, the SAMSUNG TV Remote Control BN59-01199F is here, and it’s not just a remote—it’s the Rolls Royce of remote controls. It didn’t just capture our hearts, it was a show-stopper on Amazon’s Choice for “samsung tv remote”. Combining an ergonomic design with seamless compatibility across most standard Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs, it’s the hero remote we’ve been waiting for. And the pièce de résistance? The coveted Smart Hub button, an innovation that ensures a dynamic TV experience at your fingertips. Also, whispers in the community hint at its capacity to unlock Samsung’s secret menu. Now, who doesn’t love secrets?

2. Is there anything to improve?

Sure, this remote might be a touch shy of telepathic capabilities, but it’s darn close! If we’re being the teensiest bit nit-picky, the singular device support might make a tech-lover raise a brow. But, given its magic touch on practically every Samsung TV, it’s akin to owning the master key to the Samsung kingdom. And if you ever find yourself missing those number buttons (looking at you, new remotes), this old-school yet sophisticated device has got you covered.

3. What’s our final score?

Drumroll, please… We’re stamping this elegant piece of tech with a spectacular and underlined 9.4 out of 10. Falling just short of a perfect 10 because, well, it doesn’t do our laundry (yet). But if you’re in the market for a remote that brings unmatched elegance and function to your entertainment setup, then click that purchase button. As they say, actions speak louder than remotes (or something like that)!

Samsung TV Remote Control BN59-01178W 

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as of May 21, 2024 8:03 pm

1. Why this TV remote makes our Top 3 list?

A remote is often an unsung hero of our TV time, seamlessly bridging our desires to our TV’s commands. The SAMSUNG BN59-01178W Remote Control is no different, boasting a sleek and ergonomic design that fits like a glove. Coming straight from the reputable stables of Samsung, this remote is a hot favorite, especially among those needing a trusty backup or replacement for their aging clicker. Its 4.7 out of 5 stars from a whopping 5,399 ratings cannot lie! It’s compatible with a myriad of Samsung televisions, making it as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. Plus, with the presence of that much-coveted Smart Hub button, you’re holding not just a remote, but the power to entertainment!

2. Is there anything to improve?

To nitpick, there were some folks wishing for a universal guide to its compatibility. But seriously, with its easy setup (literally insert batteries and voilà) and a performance track that matches the original, it’s like complaining about free ice cream being too cold. Remember, always check if your TV model is compatible before purchase, because you don’t wear sneakers with a tuxedo, right?

3. What’s our final score?

For its reliable performance, superior design, and the sheer fact that it saves many from the dread of a non-functional remote mid-binge, we give it a 9.3 out of 10. Go on, give that old remote a dignified retirement and embrace this modern marvel.

Disclaimer: Clicking might cause an uncontrollable urge to channel surf. Surf responsibly.

Samsung TV Remote Control BN59-01259E

$6.75  in stock
as of May 19, 2024 3:57 pm

REMOTE BN59-01259E For Samsung Smart TV. This remote has NO Voice search Function or Bluetooth! IR Remote No Pairing Needed! No Programming Required ! Put batteries in and work ! Condition: New.

1. Why this TV remote makes our Top 3 list?

Your Samsung TV might be the heart of your entertainment setup, but what’s a heart without a pulse? Enter the NEW Replacement BN59-01259E Remote Control. It’s like the knight in shining armor for all Samsung TVs. Its compatibility is as universal as our love for binge-watching. Designed for Smart LED 4K UHD Samsung TVs, this remote doesn’t merely click – it commands! Despite its absence of voice search or Bluetooth, its infrared feature means your TV understands its language, and there’s no tedious pairing dance. Just pop in the batteries, and you’re the conductor of your own TV orchestra.

2. Is there anything to improve?

The voice search’s absence might be a slight hiccup in an era where voice reigns supreme. But hey, let’s be real; sometimes, we all need a break from hearing our voice. Plus, we’ve always felt that pressing a button brings a certain…cathartic joy. We do wish it came with batteries, though. Because, you know, the cherry on top is sometimes just a tiny battery.

3. What’s our final score?

For those who desire a seamless, no-frills connection with their Samsung Smart TV, this remote is a game-changer. Given its reliability, effortless setup, and the added promise of a 90-day quality warranty, our score? A dazzling 9.0 out of 10. Why hesitate? Dive in, and may the binge-watching force be with you!

Samsung Remote FAQs

Do Samsung remotes work for all Samsung TVs?

Yes, a Samsung remote is compatible for every type of Samsung TV, including LED and LCD.

Can I control my Samsung TV with my phone?

Your Samsung Smart TV can be controlled from your phone via the Smart View app.

Is there a Samsung Smart TV remote app?

The Samsung Smart View app turns your phone into a remote for your TV, and alows content streaming between devices.

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