With smart technology controlling everything from washing machines to cars that sync with your smartwatch, the more commonplace the tech becomes, the lower the price bandings will be, with no loss of quality. The process of using technology to control your household items is known as home automation and it has no intentions of slowing down. It was only a matter of time before smart TVs dropped in price, so choosing one for your home has become easy.

Offering streamlined bezels, and a minimalist chassis, these TVs are ideal for the living room, or as a second screen for the bedroom, but what about the smart feature?

Smart TVs, unlike the regular ‘dumb’ TVs that only receive signals via an antenna or cable, can do a whole lot more. Allowing internet connectivity, you can download and stream movies and music, access the Internet, play computer games, and, through the numerous available apps, do a whole lot more. Syncing to other smart devices in your home, your smart TV becomes a hub to access and control gadgets. Adjust the heating, or lighting, turn the oven on, connect to Alexa and even with some models, use voice control to change channels, record your favorite show or search for the latest blockbuster – all from the comfort of your sofa.

Before recommending any smart TV under $200, every model is subjected to a number of arduous tests to establish, amongst other things:

  • Picture quality – resolution, clarity, contrast and black levels are amongst the most crucial elements towards establishing picture quality. Coupled with color, we ensure that all our featured models offer the highest levels of image quality
  • Audio – building into the immersive TV adventure, audio plays a crucial role and should demonstrate rich, reliable tones with good contrasts
  • Functionality – our recommended models must be easy to instal, navigate around and customize
  • Immersive experience – you want to relax into the world you’re seeing on screen, and the immersion depends on numerous factors, including image quality, audio, and scrolling quality. This must be of the highest quality possible
  • Value for money – by weighing up the price vs the TV’s particular features, build quality, and all-round viewing experience, we can establish whether value for money is offered

Our recommended models have checked every box, coming through our tests with vibrant flying colors!

So check out our top 3 smart TVs under $200:

1) Toshiba 32″ Smart LED TV Fire Edition

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as of December 3, 2022 4:56 am

Toshiba is renowned for producing high-quality TVs, and this 32-inch smart model is no different.

Delivering superior resolution alongside a richly accurate color gamut, crisp contrasts, and a beautifully fluid screen refresh rate together produce a vibrant visual adventure.

With Fire TV built in, live stream, download and share your favorite shows and movies – over 500,000 of them via Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and more. Search and download apps using Alexa’s super responsive voice control, order a pizza, or turn on your smart kettle – awesome!

2) TCL 32″ Roku Smart LED TV

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as of December 3, 2022 4:56 am

Vivid, lifelike colors, and stunning details displayed via an evenly backlit screen – at first glance, that’s what this TCL offers. But wait … there’s so much more! The ever-popular (and with good reason) Roku platform is reassuringly responsive, granting the user a sense of power and authority whilst searching for their favorite movie or TV series from in excess of half a million choices. The mobile app adds versatility to the performance, granting you voice control to select, live stream and share visual content, thanks to Alexa and Google Assistant.

The 3 HDMI ports allow the easy addition of peripherals, turning this diminutive TV into an awesome games machine that can cope with the heaviest of on-screen action. If you’re looking for a neat, high-performance TV, this TCL is well worth serious consideration.

3) LG Electronics 24″ LED webOS 3.5 Smart TV

$217.55  in stock
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5 used from $139.97
as of December 3, 2022 4:56 am

With advanced color technology, LG’s 24-inch smart TV outperforms many larger, less affordable models, and, if you’re after a decent second TV or a screen for vacations, this should be high on your list of options.

Possessing both Miracast and WiDi connectivity grants access to premium movies, games, apps, and TV shows. Live stream, download, and enjoy from more than 500,000, while preinstalled apps, including Netflix, Hula and YouTube means you can plug and watch instantly.

While this TV may be one of the smallest we’ve reviewed, that doesn’t take away its usefulness as a second, or third screen, an addition to your motor home, or as an extra game device.

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