Although we’re getting very close to the development of a remote that has the ultimate power to control everything, we haven’t yet reached that hallowed ground. However, technology does exist to transform your smartphone into a device with the ability to control your TV, music stations, and other smart appliances remotely.

By the simple act of downloading an app, either Android or iOS, life suddenly becomes much simpler.

We’ve tried and tested the best remote control apps for both iOS and Android from the comfort of our sofas and here are our favorites:

1) Android TV Remote Control

With the ability to remotely control Android TV devices, this is an official product from Google. The only limitation is that the device has to be on the same WiFi network as your cell phone. This is a comfortably intuitive and smooth running app that includes voice control as a nice feature.

2) Apple TV Remote

In the interest of fairness, next up is our favorite official iOS TV app, offering a range of features, including Siri commands, and a really great game mode. By providing a simplified range of controls when gaming, it means you can keep playing and still control your Apple TV.

3) Amazon Fire TV Remote

Feeding the power trip, this app uses a combination of voice and touchpad to control the device, and the text tool avoids the need to enter every search query in its entirety. The multi-device features allow you to toggle easily between your Fire TV devices if you have more than one.

4)  Peel Universal Smart TV Remote

This app offers a simple way to control your Apple TV if your have an Android device. It also allows control of your other smart devices, including security cams, heating, or air-con unit. The extra features, such as reminders for any upcoming programs, or the latest headlines, are great additions.

5) Google Home

Don’t be confused by the name change, the old Google Cast app lives on, but in a brighter and better form. An all-in-one control hub for Chromecast, other Google apps and so much more, this app can dim the lights, control speaker volume, and all but carry out the seduction for you – it’s a hard life!