Whether you’ve got an older model or have just bought a shiny new TV, in order to find the optimal spot for placement and to create an attractive space around it, it’s important to know the size of the screen. If you plan on wall mounting it, or treating yourself to a gorgeous new corner TV stand, knowing the size matters.

So how do you measure your TV?

Luckily for you, calculating the screen size is a quick and simple task, but it also helps to know the width, height and depth of the whole unit, too.

The screen is measured in inches, and from corner to corner across the diagonal. Hold a tape measure in the top left corner of the actual screen, avoiding the bezel, run it down to the bottom right, and this should provide you with the manufacturer’s advertised screen size.

How to measure TV width

The overall width, which includes the bezels, is measured horizontally from side to side, and is usually a couple of inches less than the screen size. The height measurement will vary depending on whether the stand is included, but is carried out the same way as for the width. Measure from top to bottom, inclusive of the bezels. If you plan to wall mount your screen, any stand can be excluded; however, for placement on a cabinet or shelf, you’ll want to add in the stand height. Generally, it’s easier, in that case, to measure from the very top of the model, to the surface it’s placed on to give the correct height.

Tips to measure TV depth

To get an accurate measurement of depth can be a little trickier, especially if your model has a curved, or tapered, back, and you may require a second pair of hands.

First, place a ruler or something of similar shape against the back of the unit, from top to bottom, ensuring it lies flat to the back of the chassis. Making up for any lack of an extra pair of hands, use several pieces of tape to hold it in position. Next, measure from the top of the very front of the screen to your ruler. This will provide you with an accurate depth measurement in a simple, yet effective way.

See, we said it was easy!

Check out this YouTube video on how to measure your TV for added tips and visual aid as you’re measuring: