The increasing use of Bluetooth throughout our lives means fewer cables to worry about, unfortunately, we haven’t managed to eliminate them completely, and TVs are frequently a cause of cable stress. Even with the most basic setup, there’s going to be one, probably two cables at the very least, and each periphery added can potentially increase the cable collection, which detracts from your decor and makes a room look untidy.

Cabling often comes in black, grey or white and stands out against any color wall, but even if you were to paint them the same color – which, by the way, is inadvisable, they would still be obvious.

So, how can we hide untidy cables?

When wall hanging a TV, cables can be fed through the wall, keeping the look clean and clutter-free and if it sits on a stylish corner TV stand, hiding the cabling is simply a matter of running them, out of sight, behind the unit; however, if you’ve got a more minimalist style stand it can be harder to tuck the cables away. Some models offer the option to feed the wires through the hollow stand – problem solved.

Another idea is to use cord hooks. These are great, and by sticking the hooks along the back of the furniture, using them to hold the cables out of the way, from the front, the cabling cannot be seen.

Baseboard cable channels allow you to surreptitiously hide any cabling behind neat tubing the runs along the edge of the room, tight to the baseboard, eliminating any trip hazards and making the whole setup look neat and tidy.

There are plenty of accessories out there to help you in your quest for cable neatness, and here are a few more ideas: