Unveiling the universe of spectacular entertainment and seamless connectivity, your new high-tech Vizio Smart TV is the gateway to unbridled smart power! This technological marvel delivers rapid downloading, smooth streaming of your favorite movies and music, visually enthralling gaming, and the convenience of controlling your smart home—all from your cozy sofa. It’s a holistic entertainment experience powered by a myriad of apps.

Apps are your ticket to this boundless world of entertainment. They come ready to serve you blockbuster movies, chartbuster music, thrilling games, and more. While staples like Netflix, YouTube, Prime, and Hulu are pre-installed, a treasure trove of apps awaits your discovery, each tailored to your varied interests.


Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Add Apps to Your Vizio Smart TV:

  1. For SmartCast Users:
    • Access built-in Chromecast support via your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).
    • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your device and search for a compatible Chromecast app. Download it.
    • Open the app, select the Cast icon, choose your Vizio TV, and voilà—the media appears on your screen!
  2. For Via or Via Plus Users:
    • Press the V button on your remote control to access the Google Play Store.
    • Search and download your desired app, using the categorized list for easy navigation.
    • Once downloaded, go to My Apps and select your app to dive into your personalized experience.

Embark on a Personalized Journey:

Transform your viewing experience by tailoring your apps to your interests. Whether you are a movie aficionado, an amateur astronomer with a penchant for sky watch apps, or a health enthusiast eager to learn, there’s an app for every journey. Explore, download, and transcend into a universe where your preferences paint your entertainment canvas!

Remember, your Vizio Smart TV is a canvas and apps are your palette. Paint your entertainment world with hues of excitement, knowledge, and amusement, and create a masterpiece of personal experiences!

For more on the awesome Google Chromecast, watch this vid: