If you haven’t got a high tech DVD/TV combo, you don’t have to miss out on the superior quality that DVDs offer. With most DVD players costing less than the average kettle, the whole gamut of movie releases is at your fingertips.

Like us, you probably have a vast collection of your very favorite movies stored safely on plastic cased, chromatic DVDs, but without access to a player, they might not ever see the light of day again! However, it’s an easy matter to connect up a DVD player to your TV, allowing you to, once again, experience the thrills and chills of those all-time greats.

How to connect a DVD player to your TV – easily!

Once you’ve purchased your DVD player, unpack it, and place it near to the TV. Because the motor inside the player can cause it to generate a little warmth, it’s best to avoid putting it underneath or on top of other devices. Once happy with your arrangement, plug in the player and run through any on-screen instructions. Then unplug both the player and the TV to avoid any problems while connecting the setup.

Although there are several ways to hook your DVD player with your TV, HDMI is the recommended, and easiest method to use, offering the highest quality visual and audio experience.

  • Taking your HDMI cable, plug one end into the DVD player. The port to use will either be labeled ‘HDMI’ or ‘HDMI OUT’
  • The other end is plugged into the TV – again the ports will be labeled either ‘HDMI’ or ‘HDMI IN’. There may also be an input number which you’ll need later
  • Plug in and power up both the TV and DVD player
  • Using the ‘Source’ or ‘Input’ button on your remote control, find the correct input. This tells your TV where to find the DVD information. If, when you were plugging in the HDMI cable, there was a number on the TV’s port, this is where you use it.
  • If there wasn’t a number, insert a DVD into the player and leave it running. Every 5 seconds, test the input to locate where the video is playing
  • Adjust the DVD player’s clock to show the correct time
  • If you haven’t already put a DVD on to play, do so now to check your connection works

Now, you can enjoy all your old favorites with glorious high-quality visuals and audio. For some more great hacks, watch this: