Best 55 Inch TVs – A Sneak Peak Into The Ultimate 55″ TVs of the Year

One thing is sure about TVs – they will always remain a must-have in every home. With a 55 inch TV, you can experience everything as with bigger size TVs, and at the same time not have all of your space taken up in the room. Watching a movie or playing a game is perfect on a TV of this size, as you can get fully immersed in the content. Manufacturers are producing 55 inch TVs en masse and with the latest features being added, buying a TV with voice control and guides to help you chose your content is slowly becoming the norm for every TV.

Buyers have started to get more informed and are developing a specific taste that suits their needs. Manufacturers have responded by producing more advanced TVs with more features to cater to their preferences. Therefore, 55′ TVs suit the needs of most users, whether as their main or side TV unit, since they come with all the latest technology, have the minimum size necessary for flawless viewing, and fit into every average size room. 

Below, you will find the best 55′ inch TVs the market has to offer!

Insignia NS 55 Inch 4K TV

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This Insignia TV is not the prettiest out there, but its quality is of the highest order. It has a sa decent number of ports to satisfy the needs of most users: 3 of them are HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, and many more. The picture quality is excellent, and you can enjoy whatever you’re watching in over 8 million pixels. The added clarity and the deep contrast, make everything more enjoyable for the viewer.

Its handling of reflections is perfect because the semi-gloss finish will defuse the light, which will diminish the intensity of the light coming in. The sound is overall pretty great, and there are no interferences while listening to music.

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TCL 55 Inch 4K TV

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Last update was on: September 18, 2019 6:15 pm

The design of this model can’t be considered as something extraordinary, but it has that classic look that will still be easy on the eyes while you’re watching it. The stand that supports this TV is standard but gets the job done pretty well. Through the 4K Ultra HD, you will get a beautiful picture, vibrant colors, and you won’t miss even the slightest detail.

With 3 HDMI inputs, 1 Headphone jack, Ethernet, and many other ports, you can use this TV in many different ways. If you want to enjoy the capabilities of it thoroughly, Smart functionality delivers around half a million TV show episodes and movies, which is made possible by the incredible Roku TV. It is also compatible with both Alexa and Google.

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 Sony XBR 55 Inch 4K TV

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Last update was on: September 18, 2019 6:15 pm

If you don’t care that much about the price tag, but you want quality and stunning design, then the Sony XBR is the right option for you. The stand of this TV is a little bit unusual but in a good looking way. When it comes to the display resolution, it is top-notch (3840 x 2160 pixels). While the 4K HD offers a brilliant picture with great detail and vibrant colors.

It has multiple inputs and outputs, with 4 HDMI ports, 1 USB 3.0, and 2 USB 2.0. To make things a lot easier, it comes with Voice remote that is compatible with Google Assitant, and Alexa. The 120Hz refresh rate is provided by the X-Motion Clarity, and to make sure that your TV doesn’t lag at all, it is powered by an X1 Extreme processor.

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