Panasonic has long been one of the most popular makers of television sets in the world. However, around 2016, it saw itself incurring large losses, causing it to be on the brink of inability to carry out any television panel production, and has since conceded its status of being one of Japan’s top electronics manufacturers. Despite this, the existing Panasonic TVs still rate very highly when it comes to affordable, high-quality screens.

If you’re a Panasonic TV aficionado, check out the best cheap Panasonic TV still on the market!

Panasonic TH-75EQ1W 75-inch Class Entry-Level 4K LED

$2,145.71  in stock
as of March 30, 2023 12:54 am

Introducing the Panasonic TH-75EQ1W, the 75-inch entry-level 4K LED TV that’s seen a bit more action than a James Bond film but is still in prime condition, thanks to the power of Amazon Renewed! Say goodbye to mediocre viewing experiences, because this TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels of pure joy!

This TV has been around the block, but don’t let that fool you; it’s been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon’s finest, and it’s ready to impress. It’s got a screen and body so clean you’ll think it’s been on a spa retreat.

You might be wondering about the batteries. Well, fear not, because they have a capacity that’s over 80% of their youthful selves. It’s like your grandpa running a marathon with the energy of someone half his age!

Sure, the accessories might not be original, but they’re compatible and fully functional. Think of them as the perfect sidekicks to this heroic TV. And hey, the TV even comes in a generic box – because who needs fancy packaging when you’ve got a TV this good?

Worried about commitment? No problem! With Amazon’s 90-day Renewed Guarantee, you can get a replacement or refund if this TV doesn’t live up to your expectations. So, what’s stopping you from inviting this 75-inch stunner into your life?

With a 1200:1 contrast ratio and a 60 Hz refresh rate, you’ll be enjoying your favorite movies, YouTube videos, and more in stunning quality. The Panasonic TH-75EQ1W is also equipped with USB and HDMI connectivity, making it ready for any challenge you throw at it.

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Panasonic TV FAQs

How do you reset a Panasonic TV?

On the Panasonic remote, select setup > reset. This allows you to reset all your preferences.

Who owns Panasonic TV?

Panasonic are one of the few big brands that own themselves and produce their own TVs.

How do you program a universal remote to a panasonic TV?

First, turn on your Panasonic TV. On the remote select and hold the TV and SEL buttons at the same time while pointing it at the TV. Once the buttons light up, program in the TV's code, and confirm. This connects your Panasonic TV to your universal remote.

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