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Do Your TV Channels Keep Disappearing A Bit Too Often? Use This Trick

Do Your TV Channels Keep Disappearing A Bit Too Often? Use This Trick

William Appleby

We’ve all had that experience where you tune in to your favorite show after a day’s work but for some unknown reason, the show — the whole station, for that matter — is nowhere to be found. You scratch your head, knowing that you watched the show just last night, but it’s now gone.

Disappearing channels and missing stations have become the norm for every TV owner, and these tend to happen due to two reasons: a broken antenna or 5G interference.

Broken or damaged antenna

A broken antenna is usually the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone loses a station on their TV. To check the status of your TV antenna, here are some tips:

  • Look for any damages. Does the antenna have any physical damage? Outdoor antennas are highly susceptible to damage due to weather and, occasionally, animals. If you can already see from a distance that a part of your antenna is bent or broken, then that might be the reason behind the disappearing channels.
  • Check your TV input. Is the antenna connector still working properly? You can try plugging that into another TV unit to see if it can get a connection. If it can, then your TV might be the problem.
  • Consider the age of your devices and equipment. Older style analog antennas have a bad TV reception compared to modern digital antennas. If your antenna or TV was manufactured more than a decade ago, you might want to replace them with a newer model.
  • Inspect the cords and cables. Make sure all the cables, including those on your set-top box, are plugged in correctly. Loose cables will not transmit signals properly.  Keep in mind that cords can also be vulnerable to pests, so you might want to check if you have a pest problem at home.
  • Remove any objects that may be blocking any signal. If you’re using an indoor antenna, make sure that it is placed near the window and isn’t blocked by any furniture or appliances.

If you identified an issue while doing these steps, you might want to replace some of your equipment or call a professional repairman if you think you can’t solve it on your own. However, if you found no problem with your TV antenna, then something else might be the cause of disappearing channels.

5G interference

Shifting to 5G can cause signal interference and can greatly affect your TV reception. It’s more likely to get worse if you live near a 5G cell tower, but don’t fret! Newer antenna models have better reception even in the presence of constant 5G interferences and even if you lose a few channels, you can easily get them back by doing a simple rescan task using your remote control.

First, you need to display the setup menu on your television or set-top box. Remote controls aren’t made the same way, but you can typically access this feature by pressing the Menu or Home button. Once you open the setup menu, look for an option that says Auto Tune or Channel Scan. Select that, and your TV will immediately scan for signals on new frequencies. If you can’t find the menu, check the TV manual for instructions.

Don’t wait for a channel to disappear before you do a rescan task. This should be done at least once a month since new channels are added without notice, and you might not know what you’re missing out on.

If we helped you answer the question of why do your TV channels keep disappearing, then we might be able to help with other advice. Browse through our latest TV tips below.

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