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Looking for a Philips 65-inch TV? Here’s The Best One

Looking for a Philips 65-inch TV? Here’s The Best One

Evan Avery

If you are looking for something big from the trusted Philips brand, there is something for you. Although there are currently no available Philips 65 inch TVs that passed the rigorous testing and evaluation of features performed by our experts, all products featured on TV Mates are tried and tested to make sure we’re only featuring the best. So instead, rather than featuring a 65-inch product that is sub-par, we have found a Philips TV that is worthy of time and money.

Have a look.

Philips 43 inch 4K Ultra Slim TV

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as of September 25, 2020 5:54 am

The Philips 43 inch TV is designed to perform at its greatest for your best viewing experience. Let pictures come to life in its 4k ultra HD picture quality. It is ultra-slim and sleek, featuring minimalist stand elements to provide the most beautiful entertainment piece for your home. This TV is an entertainment paradise as it is powered by Android TV that gives you endless entertainment options to choose from. If you are not yet convinced, be hooked with the following features you will surely love.

Quad-Core and integrated Android
Android partnered with Philips Quad Core processor is a tough pair to beat. Nothing is faster than this duo playing movies, videos, launching games, and apps. There is no stopping this entertainment machine.

4K Ultra HD
This Ultra HD TV has four times the resolution of a regular HD TV. Its pictures are unlike any resolution you’ve ever seen before with over 8 million pixels that feature an Ultra Resolution Upscaling technology. Enjoy flawless details, smooth natural motion, increased depth perception, improved sharpness, and superior contrast on every movie, show, or game you will play on this stunning screen.

Pixel Plus Ultra HD
Have you noticed other HD TV’s bright yet blurred or distorted screens? This is because of the bad pixel quality that dulls the details of your shows. The Philips Pixel Plus Ultra HD engine optimizes your shows to deliver incredible detail and depth so your shows are never blurred in translation.

Experience better contrast, color & sharpness with HDR Plus
High Dynamic Range Plus is a feature that brings in-home entertainment to a whole new level. Enjoy an undiluted sensory immersion with its rich and vibrant color and sharpness. There is no dull moment with this TV.

Micro Dimming Pro
If you love the auto-dimming or auto-brightness feature on your phones and laptops, you will not miss it with this TV screen. The Micro Dimming Pro optimizes your TV to adjust to the lighting conditions of your room. It is an incredible feature because it automatically adapts to your environment ensuring a vibrant and bright screen every time.

Cloud Gaming
You do not need to buy an expensive console to enjoy a variety of games for your kids and adults as well. Cloud Gaming provides an online catalog of games that appeals to all ages. Now your TV is not just for watching, but for playing too!

Google Play™
If you have not had enough gaming with this TV screen you are in for a treat. The Google Play feature lets you search and play all of the games available on this platform. There are infinite games to choose from!