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Resetting Your LG TV – It Is Easier Than You Think

Resetting Your LG TV – It Is Easier Than You Think

Maggie Pedigo

LG is one of the leading manufacturers of smart TVs worldwide, and it’s not surprising why. From 32-inch LG TVs to affordable 4K LG TVs and impressive 86 inch LG TV units released from time to time, they continue to impress both consumers and critics with their high-quality products.

LG smart TVs have two different platforms: the webOS TV and the Netcast. Knowing which platform your smart TV has largely depended on the year you bought your unit. Netcast is loaded on LG TVs released from 2011 to 2015, while webOS TV is integrated on Smart+ TVs released starting 2014. Unfortunately, you can still encounter mishaps that can only be solved with a factory reset no matter how current your smart TV is.

Why perform a factory reset?

When your smart TV has trouble displaying the picture on the screen or the remote control isn’t working for unknown reasons, a power reset is often the solution but a factory reset is performed when the problem still persists. This is a much more economical choice instead of buying a brand new unit. Resetting your LG TV depends on the platform you’re using, and we’ve prepared a guide for both webOS and Netcast users for a quick and easy factory reset.

Resetting an LG TV using webOS

Press the Smart button on the remote control, then select the Gear icon. Go to General and look for the Reset to Initial Settings option. Enter your password, but if you haven’t set one yet, the default password is usually 1234 or 0000. Once your TV restarts, select your country and preferred language. Setting your location allows you to gain access to apps and content designed specifically for your country.

Set up your method of internet connection as well as how you will get your TV signal. Indicate your local area code, then click OK. Your smart TV will search for available channels through Auto Tuning.

Legal notice and a list of user agreements will appear on the screen. Make sure to read both thoroughly before clicking Agree. If you wish to make any changes, you can simply go back to Settings.

Resetting an LG TV using Netcast

Netcast’s layout is different from that of webOS but the process of resetting your smart TV is quite the same. On your remote control, press the Home/Smart button. Choose Settings from the list, then select Option. Click Initial setting, which will immediately prompt you to enter your password. If you haven’t set a password yet, the default password is either 1234 or 0000.

The terms of the disclaimer will appear on the screen. Select Yes to accept, and your smart TV will perform a factory reset. Afterwards, it will prompt the same setup process in webOS. You can make changes to these at a later time through Settings.

If you’ve managed to successfully restart your LG TV using our tips, then make sure to check out our other articles for useful TV advice.

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