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Frozen Sceptre TV? Don’t Worry – Here’s An Easy Fix

Frozen Sceptre TV? Don’t Worry – Here’s An Easy Fix

Michael Rodriguez

Sceptre TVs are known to be highly affordable and economical options for budget-conscious TV shoppers simply looking for a larger TV compared to what they previously had. They may not have a smart platform that gives you access to Netflix and Hulu, but the incredibly low price is simply too good to pass up. However, a cheaper price tag doesn’t mean you’re free from experiencing any issues with your Sceptre TV.

You may think buying a new one is an easier route since these units don’t really cost that much, but that would be such a waste! Before deciding to reach for your credit card, you might want to consider doing a factory reset first.

Why perform a factory reset?

Factory resets are done whenever a device runs into major problems that still persist even after adjusting the settings. By resetting your TV, you revert it back to its original setup as if it’s brand new. This process doesn’t involve complicated instructions and typically takes only a few minutes to finish. If you want to find out how to reset your Sceptre TV, we’re here to help! You can use our easy-to-follow guide on how to perform a factory reset, as well as some tips in case this doesn’t solve your problem.

Resetting your Sceptre TV

Factory resets are irreversible, so you have to be sure that you’ve tried all means to fix the issue before resorting to this option. Try running a power cycle first by unplugging your television and waiting for a few minutes before returning the power. Turn on your television and check if the problem is fixed.

Minor issues are commonly solved by simply turning your device off and on but if they aren’t, factory resets should be the next step. To do this, check the Menu settings using the remote control and select Set Up. Choose Reset to Factory and every setting you’re previously made on the television will be brought back to default. Wait for it to finish before turning it off. Turn it on after a minute or so and check if the reset was successful.

What to do if the issue isn’t resolved by a factory reset

If a factory reset doesn’t solve the problem, you can do the following instead.

  • Check the hardware.  Examine each cable for wear and tear, especially for audio and HDMI cables. Double-check if the cable connections are tight and plugged in properly since a loose connection can be the cause of recurring problems. If you think that the cables might be the issue, test the system by using a different cable. If it works with a new cable, you need to replace your old one. In case the problem still persists, it may be due to an internal issue. At this point, contact Sceptre’s customer support for professional assistance.
  • Contact customer support service. Sceptre provides phone-based and online customer support service to resolve issues regarding its television models. However, you may want to check if your unit is covered by a warranty service that covers repairs and replacements. If repairs are needed, make sure to contact the support team for proper troubleshooting. If they can’t fix the issue, look for an electronics repair service instead.

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